Just axe us!

We get asked these questions the most! Just call (517)337-2695 if we didn’t answer your question here. 

All guests must wear closed-toe shoes to throw.

Axe throwing is the greatest sport ever! You throw sharp objects at wooden targets and try to get the highest score!

Axe throwing is one of the safest sports. We are a proud member of the International Axe Throwing Federation where they have had over 58 million axes thrown and scored and no injuries.  

Every person is taught the proper technique to throw an axe safely just like the professionals. The equipment is kept perfectly maintained. Axes are kept sharp ensuring they stick easily into the wood. The wood is changed frequently and kept wet to ensure it stays soft like cork. We also have a wood and wire divider between each target. Lastly, every pair of throwers is monitored and coached by one of our AxeMasters. They ensure that there is no horseplay going on, only good clean competitive fun. 

AxeMasters are the coaches and scorekeepers of your time at Spartan Axe. Each AxeMaster is trained to help every single guest to safely throw at their optimal level. AxeMasters have over forty hours of training in technique, safety, and proper gameplay before they are allowed to coach without supervision. 

The minimum age to throw axes at Spartan Axe is 14 with a guardian present. 


That depends. If you have one to three people in your party it takes a minimum of an hour to get through the experience. For groups of four to six people the time required is an hour and a half. Seven to ten people takes approximately two hours. 


While we firmly believe axe throwing is best experienced with friends, whether you come on your own to throw, or bring nine of your closest friends your experience will be unique. We will never pair you or your group with strangers. 

More than ten people requires booking an additional arena. 

That’s great! We’d love to help you out. Please call our Events Department at Spare Time and they will be delighted to help. Their phone number is 517-337-2695. Dial Extension 1 to be transferred directly. 

Just a sense of adventure and some close toed shoes! 

We have great food and drink! Believe it or not we have a full bar with over 24 different craft beers and a full bar including a nice variety of bourbon, whiskey, vodka, and gin. Some of our selection you won’t find anywhere else in town. 

We keep a premium well including Tito’s, Bacardi, Maker’s Mark, Bombay Sapphire, Cuervo Silver Tradicional 100% Blue Agave, Seagram’s 7, Jack Daniel’s, etc. Spartan Axe and Spare Time believe life is too short to drink stuff that tastes bad! 

So if you want to enjoy sipping a well made cocktail, nibble on something tasty, or just have dinner with us we would love to see you. Eat and drink arena-side during your throwing experience or stay after or come in early to dine with us while you wait for your time to start and enjoy seeing others compete. 

We share our menu with  Spare Time Entertainment Center.  There is always a someone to take orders. 


Absolutely, provided you are over 21.  The only thing we ask is that there is no food or drink in the arena itself at any time. Spills and sharp objects aren’t a good combination. 

We are currently planning for our leagues to start this summer. It’s gonna be legendary! 

We change the target wood every week. We use competition grade cottonwood. 

Absolutely not! No membership required. That’s barbaric! 

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